Crawling Angel Films is a film production company based in India that aims to tell the world unique stories through films which have the quality to capture human emotions through their strong narratives. The dedicated team of Crawling Angel Films is all set out to dissolve the boundaries between the various nations of the globe by getting them well versed with one universal language – the language of Cinema.


Sanjay Gulati



Sanjay Gulati is the founder of Crawling Angel Films. A science graduate and post graduate in business management, he is successfully running a biotechnology company, Biogentek. His pursuit for creativity and cinema drove him towards producing Pushpendra Singh’s LAJWANTI in 2014, which premiered at the Forum Section of the Berlin Film Festival. After that, Sanjay went on to produce many more films like HOLA VENKY, ASHWATTHAMA and ONCE AGAIN. As a film enthusiast, he has travelled to many international film festivals and looks forward to The filmbazar, India, every year for discovering fresh independent film projects in the Indian subcontinent. He aims to produce films that have strong rootedness and also have the potential to travel internationally. Sanjay speaks, “My constant inner-search has led me from the business world to the world of cinema, which allows me to discover greater meaning of life through this beautiful art. Thanks to the wonderful people I have met in this journey. I hope to meet more such creative intellects on my way ahead (Dost milte rahein, karvaan badhta rahe)”.


Neeraj Pandey

CO-FOUNDER, Chief Operations & Communications

Neeraj Pandey is the Co-Founder of Crawling Angel Films. A science graduate with a Masters  in Computer Sciences and Management, has been an entrepreneur ever since the start of his career. Along with Crawling Angel Films, he has been successfully running the company Biogentek BG ( I ) Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi. An inclination towards theater made him an active member of the Players Society – Dramatics of Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, during his graduation years. Equally well informed on cinema, he has been active on all the productions of films from Crawling Angel Films. An international exposure with extensive travel to all over Europe, USA and the far East has helped him understand the diversity of cultures, thoughts and the various schools of learning. He aims to produce films that must  be realistic with people’s connect but must entertain the masses. While aiming to join hands with the best in the Industry, the portfolio of films being produced from Crawling Angel Films should have the potential to travel internationally and must be loved and respected worldwide.

He strongly believes that Cinema is a powerful art that influences one and all. It is a real mix of art, economics and business which propels an individual into the exploration of newer frontiers every day. The horizon seems into the vicinity but extends several miles as we progress to create something new. All he says on life is that It’s short so make the best of it, nurture the talents and build everlasting relationships to counter the endless challenges in this formidable journey in the wonderful world of CINEMA.”

Tanya Negi


Tanya Negi, a Media and Mass Communication graduate, started her career as an entrepreneur in the year 2012 with only one vision to produce path-breaking events. She produced and designed over 130 events in a span of 8 years, ranging from corporate to private events. Amidst all this, one thing was constant – her love for the CINEMA. And this love propelled her to begin her Film and TV production career. From independently producing music videos to creatively producing big award shows for esteemed production houses like Essel Vision Productions, Tanya now aspires to bring her business and creative skills to produce cinema which has a global appeal.