Hola Venky

Plot Summary

A Techie’s journey from ‘his groin to his heart’, that takes him from Mumbai all the way to the City by the Bay


A comedic portrayal of a downhearted software techie from India who re-discovers his passion for life during his short stay in US. A romantic comedy with an Indian-Mexican flavor, filled with wild and quirky situations and lots of Mariachi music.

Cast & Crew

Directed by :

Sandeep Mohan


Roger Narayan (Venky)
Sonia Balcazar (Inez)
Giju John (Kurian)
Ashwin Mushran (Psychiatrist)
Ramanathan Seshan (Bharatwaj)

Music by :

Vivek Philip

Cinematography by:

Prashant Sehgal (director of photography)

Film Editing by:

Shreyas Beltangdy

Sound Department:

Subir Kumar Das (sound mixer/re-recording mixer)
Avantika Nimbalker (sound recordist)
Ravi Dev Singh (sound designer)

Visual Effects by :

Vijesh Rajan ( visual effects supervisor)
Aditya Tawde (visual effects artist)

Other crew :

Vijesh Rajan (colorist)


Thoroughly enjoyable!
29 November 2014 | by Samarthan Mahaviran (United States)

Hola Venky! is intelligent film making. It portrays Venky, short for Venkatesh, divorced, clueless, living a mule’s life. Venky is working in IT and cannot make up decisions and carries on living his ultra boring, confused existence. Life offers him a chance at redemption and the movie is an honest, funny and poignant outlook on the way in which he embraces his salvation. It is an experimental indie-comedy feature film which is the second directorial venture by Sandeep Mohan after the critically acclaimed ‘Love, Wrinkle-free’ . The director offers a low budget movie with strong visuals and a “pay as you wish” concept. I would strongly recommend this movie to anyone ready for some old good hearted comedy, spiced with stunning insight into the Indian psyche.