Plot Summary

Devrath arrives in Ludhiana to research for his film on the Punjabi folk-singing duo Chamkila & Amarjot, who were killed by Khalistani militants in Mehsampur. Devrath’s meeting with Chamkila’s associates (Tikki and Sonia) don’t go as planned. And after he finds a film crew shooting Chamkila’s biopic he gets desperate. Lal, Chamkila’s dholak player and a survivor of the massacre, begrudgingly agrees to accompany Devrath to Mehsampur. Back at his hotel bar Devrath rescues an actress from local lechers and they end up in his room. The morning after she accuses him of rape and wants to be dropped home. But he doesn’t let her out of the car, forcing her to read his script, he thinks of her playing Amarjot in his film. He picks up Lal and thus begins the three’s cursed journey to Mehsampur.