Pearl Of the Desert (Documentary)

Plot Summary

Moti Khan, a musically gifted child from the lower caste Muslim Manganiyars of the Thar Desert, is forced to sing and play music for their ancestral patrons in order to survive. This is the story of a boy who’s the first person in his village ever to go abroad and spread the spirit of his people. Divided into chapters and punctuated by traditional Manganiar songs, Pearl of the Desert provides fascinating insight into the traditions, customs and etiquette of this Muslim caste. But above all, for Moti the adventure is a stage in his journey to find where he belongs.

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed By:

Pushpendra Singh


Moti Khan Manganiyar – Self
Nijre Khan Manganiyar – Self
Anwar Khan Manganiyar – Self

Cinematography By:

Ravikiran Ayyagari

Edited By:

Reema Kaur
Pushpendra Singh

Sound Design By:

Ajit Singh Rathore


International Premiere – IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary